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Massachusetts's current districts, since 2013

Massachusetts's eighteenth congressional district is an obsolete district. Its short tenure (1813–1821) was dedicated to the Maine District until Maine achieved statehood.

List of members representing the district

Representative Party Years Cong
District home Electoral history District location
District created March 4, 1813
John Wilson Federalist March 4, 1813 –
March 3, 1815
13th Belfast, Maine Elected in 1812.
Redistricted to the 17th district and lost renomination.
1813 – 1821
"5th Eastern district," District of Maine
Thomas Rice Federalist March 4, 1815 –
March 3, 1819
Winslow, Maine Elected in 1814.
Elected in 1817 on the sixth ballot.
Lost re-election.
James Parker Democratic-Republican March 4, 1819 –
March 3, 1821
16th Gardiner, Maine Elected in 1819 on the second ballot.
Redistricted to Maine's 5th district and lost re-election.
District moved to Maine's 5th district March 4, 1821