Battle of Honey Springs

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The 2nd Colorado Infantry Regiment was an infantry regiment during the American Civil War from the state of Colorado.[1] On October 13, 1863, the 2nd Colorado Infantry was consolidated with the 3rd Colorado Infantry Regiment in order to create the 2nd Colorado Cavalry Regiment.[1]


Prior to official formation

On August 29, 1861, James Hobart Ford was authorized by Governor William Gilpin to organize volunteers as a company of infantry.[2] Theodore H. Dodd was appointed command of a second company of volunteers by Governor Gilpin on August 30.[2] Both companies were raised and initially drilled in Cañon City, but by mid-December both companies had marched to Fort Garland in the San Luis Valley.[1][2]

Redeployment to Ft. Lyon

Consolidation with 3rd Colorado Infantry

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